• 5.7 Abstract MAS models of urban phenomena.
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Urban Cinematics: Understanding Urban Phenomena through the Moving Image

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Government initiatives to combat inequality and poverty, such as Venezuela’s , have done little to make the region safer. Generally focusing on education, public health and vaccination programmes, they have principally targeted rural areas even though violence is increasingly an urban phenomenon.

“Sovereign bonds are a very urban phenomenon. It’s a stock market kind of an asset class, linked to gold. It is probably taking away market share of exchange-traded funds rather than taking away physical gold,” Somasundaram told IANS in an interview.


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Clark's interdisciplinary urban development and social change (UDSC) concentration provides students majoring in any field with a structured program of study that enables them to understand the historical, social, economic and political factors that have shaped U.S. cities and how cities have, in turn, affected the lives of their inhabitants. UDSC students study the key concepts and methodological tools used to explore and analyze urban phenomena primarily in the United States, but may also choose to take a course that examines urbanization in other parts of the world. Proceeding from an introductory course through intermediate and advanced courses offered in several different departments, students then apply these concepts and methods in their capstone experience. The capstone can be either a research project or an internship, conducted under the supervision of one of the concentration's participating faculty or as part of an urban-research or internship seminar.