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Excel 2013 Power Programming with VBA


[…] three sites I'm using as references for my code: VBA Express : Excel – Log In to an Internet Site Reading web data with VBA from excel using Microsoft HTML Object Library and Microsoft Internet Cont… InternetExplorer Object Here's the code I have so far: […]

In this tutorial, I hope to explain how to use VBA in Excel 2000. If you have an earlier version of Excel, this tutorial will still apply, but you will find there are a few discrepancies, mainly the location and interface in which you edit the macros.


MS Excel: How to use the OR Function (VBA) - TechOnTheNet

This section looks at a few more things that you can do with VBA in Excel 2010. The examples in this section are designed to give you a sense of the capabilities of VBA instead of focusing on specific real-world scenarios. You might find it helpful to review the information in the Object Model Reference about the objects in each step as you work through the examples.