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Late Victorian Interiors and Interior Details (Dover Architecture)


The luxurious and beautiful Victorian style interior design began in 1837 when the queen of England Victoria was put on the throne. The queen ruled between 1837 and 1901 and during these period she left her print on interior design because of her excessive taste for ornaments, furniture and walls. If a room was decorated poorly with furniture it was considered that the family was not wealthy. In the Victorian era the rooms of the people with high positions had a lot of furniture and ornaments, all very expensive and rare. Even today not many people can afford to decorate their house in a Victorian style.

This is how you can achieve Victorian style interior design if you have set your mind on decorating your house this way. You need a big budget for this style so make sure that you have enough money.


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The style of Victorian interior design dates between 1837-1901, the reign in Britain of Queen Victoria, hence the given name as it tends to reflect the tastes of the period.