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  • Genesis Networks Enables Video Rola to Bring Mexican Music Video Programming to U.S. With Insertion of Localized Commercials
  • Video Rola Video Rola provides you with premier access to the Mexican music network

Video Rola

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About Video Rola
Video Rola is the most widely distributed Mexican music cable network in Mexico and in the United States, and it is the only channel that comes to the U.S. Hispanic community live from Guadalajara, Mexico. With archives of more than 4,500 video clips, Video Rola has the largest collection of Musica Popular en Espanol (Spanish Popular Music), which dominates the radio airwaves in Mexico and in Spanish Radio in the United States. The network's live VJs host interactive and call-in shows, as well as programs featuring music videos, interviews, events, and showbiz news representing more than 45 hours LIVE per week. In more than 500 markets in the United States, Mexico, and Central America, Video Rola is now seen by more than 1.85 million TV households in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, and Dallas. More information about Video Rola is available at.

"Expansion into the U.S. marketplace was critical to our continued growth, but we required a cable-friendly service provider that could add maximum value to our business model — and Genesis Networks was the clear choice," said Jorge A. Tanaka, business relations director for Video Rola. "Genesis Networks has enabled us to introduce a new revenue model, with no associated build-out costs, that has covered the cost of expanded global distribution and delivered new profits."


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AV Debut
Rola Takizawa

The original debut video of Rola Takizawa and she is taken to a hot springs resort for her first sex flick on camera.