• Larnaca Aerial View by Sanda Odiatiu
  • Mountain Top View by geok15 on DeviantArt
  • Airplane out window view by zeintrepid on DeviantArt
  • Paris Night View by DominikMPhoto on DeviantArt

View from a Blue Moon

Too low to display

It is possible to retrieve the location of a view by invoking the methods and . The former returns the left, or X, coordinate of the rectangle representing the view. The latter returns the top, or Y, coordinate of the rectangle representing the view. These methods both return the location of the view relative to its parent. For instance, when getLeft() returns 20, that means the view is located 20 pixels to the right of the left edge of its direct parent.

Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide (GoVIEW) is a learning management system for online collaborative programs offered by University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. GoVIEW Brightspace by D2L is used to deliver courses online to students throughout the USG.


Field of vision: The aircraft has disappeared from view