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Mozart: The 5 Violin Concertos


When one sees an antique violin the immediate assumption is that it must be of substantial value. An inherited or found violin is assumed to be a collectible violin and dreams that it is one of those finds that are worth millions of dollars soon follow. “Collectible violins” is a place where you can find reality. We inherited over 50 violins and so explored the dream for all of us. In this site we will share our collection and what we have learned about collectible violins and collectibles in general with whoever wants to gain from our experience.

The first thing is to ask just what have you got? I mean there are violins worth dirt and there are the ones worth 3 to 5 million dollars. Let’s dispel the legends and let you know that your chances of finding an original from the 16th or 17th century is as close to 0% that you might as well just realize it is 0%. Don’t even hurt yourself by dreaming that this is not the case. If it had value of over $100,000 some one would have figured it out by now. Under this value we are getting into the law of supply and demand. There are lots of the violins for sale in the $1000 or less range. The higher the price it fetches means there has to be a limited supply of what violinists and collectors want from a violin.


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