• Vladimir Nabokov,  (Penguin, 1969)



As a writer, Nabokov has always been praised immensely for his use of complex and original plots clever alliteration and wordplay. Lolita, the first of its kind novel tells a unique and scandalous story of a middle aged man of intellectual weight who gets romantically infatuated with a 12 year old American girl. Some more noteworthy books by Vladimir Nabokov include Bend Sinster (1947), Pnin (1957), Ardor: A Family Chronicle (1969), Transparent Things (1972) and Look at the Harlequins! (1974).

On 22 April, 1899 Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov was born in St. Petersburg to a prominent and rich Russian family of minor nobility. His father was a lawyer, journalist and a statesman. The eldest of five children, Vladimir led what he called the perfect childhood. At an early age, Vladimir learned to read and write in English in addition to French and Russian. The family was forced to flee after the Bolshevik Revolution moving to Livadiya and later England for some time where Nabokov studied Slavic and Romance languages in Trinity College, Cambridge. Nabokov’s experiences at Cambridge drew inspiration for his novel, Glory. The family moved to Berlin in 1920. After finishing from Cambridge, Nabokov followed his family to Berlin in 1922. A year later, he married Véra Evseyevna Slonim, a Jewish Russian woman who bore him their son Dmitri in 1934. Nabokov lived in Berlin for fifteen years before moving to the United States in 1940 when German troops began advancing.


Vladimir Nabokov, 1899­1977, Russian-American author, b

1920 flyttade familjen Nabokov till i . I mars 1922 blev Vladimir Nabokovs far mördad av den ryske monarkisten , då han försökte skydda det egentliga målet, politikern . Kort efter mordet flyttade Vladimir Nabokovs mor och syster till .