Smith and Wesson Model 41 Target Pistol Maintenance
  • Smith & Wesson Model 41 with 7-inch barrel assembly.
  • Bucyrus Wynford 41, Findlay Liberty-Benton 14
  • Wickliffe 41, Rocky River Lutheran W. 6
  • If you have to ask the question, then you could not appreciate the “beauty” of the S&W Model 41.

PartsSquare Blower Motor Resistor OE # 79330-SDG-W41 For 2005-2006 Honda Odyssey


The new Model 41 is an eyeful. Speak about styling! From its integral Picatinny rib to its skeletonized front Patridge sight, it bespeaks character.

I have owned, and sold, two brand new model 41’s in the last 5 years. Neither one was reliable with CCI-SV, or any other ammunition. I suffered through alibi, after alibi, during Bullseye matches and then sold both of them. I now shoot a Pardini SPnew for Bullseye. No more alibis.


S&W Model 41 - Clark Custom Guns

My best five round groups at fifty feet off hand with the Volquartsen is 1/2", with the Victor it was 1/2". With the 41 it was more, but that was not the 41's fault. Amongst the three, price and reliability were determinative.