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J&L Moving Supplies offers the largest selection of warehouse moving equipment and supplies you'll find online, all at competitive prices. Shop our online equipment & supplies store for wire shelving, CM hoists, jib cranes, scissor lifts, warehouse racking and shelving, aluminum hand trucks, dollies, professional movers supplies and pallet jacks.


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If you have been put in charge of moving a warehouse then someone must thing very highly of your organizational skills. Either that, or you are the owner, and you don’t trust anyone else to handle the responsibility. Regardless your situation, this is a huge job! If you are not on top of things from the beginning, you will likely feel overwhelmed, stressed, out-of-control, and maybe even a little frustrated. This guide will help you keep a firm handle on everything. Take your time and double-check every detail. There are a lot of things that could go wrong or be completely forgotten during a warehouse move.