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  • Courtesy of Radio Times: Verity Lambert, Waris Hussein & Mervyn Pinfield at the BBC, 1963.
  • The Mark Gatiss drama gave Waris Husseinconfidence says the actor who plays him, Sacha Dhawan
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WARIS HUSSEIN - Director - Doctor Who Genuine Autograph

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From the BAFTA Los Angeles Heritage Archive, here's Emmy and BAFTA-winning director Waris Hussein recounting his part in the frankly inauspicious beginnings of the long-running, incredibly successful BBC television show 'Doctor Who'.

Waris Hussein came to the Fab Café Manchester this Sunday to talk about his long and varied career, which included directing the first ever episode of , 'An Unearthly Child' The venue was packed with keen Doctor Who fans and the event was hosted by Gareth Kavanagh, who was on hand with a selection of video clips that highlighted key points in the BAFTA winning director’s career.


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That woman was the producer Verity Lambert and for casual fans such as myself (Favourite Doctor: David Tennant), the show's progressive employment record was a revelation: Lambert was at that time the only female producer at the BBC and director Waris Hussein was the first Indian-born director. What a shame their legacy is yet to be fulfilled with a female or non-white Doctor.