• Weapon of Mass Instruction
  • "Weapon of Mass Instruction"... LOL, I think I need this to "motivate" my students to read!
  • The Argentinian artist is the creator of what he calls the  — or Weapon of Mass Instruction.
  • The Weapon of Mass Instruction holds close to 1,000 books. (Photo courtesy 7UP)

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher's Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling


Raul refers to his militaristic bibliothecas as Weapons of Mass Instruction (Arma de Instruccion Masiva), which he drives around the streets of Argentina giving free books to anyone who wants one, as long as they promise to read it. The artist’s intent behind his creative bookmobiles is “to battle ignorance and spread knowledge.” He jokes in a video about his project, “My missions are very dangerous. I attack people in a very nice and fun way.“

Activist-artist Raul Lemesoff's "", or "Weapon of Mass Instruction," may seem militant but it's actually a peaceful mobile . The artwork/vehicle serves a very serious function; with around 900 books on the " at any given time, Lemesoff provides free reading materials to anyone inclined to pluck one from the collection. As he tours through urban centers and rural communities alike, the artist views his work as a mission "to contribute to peace through literature....


Weapons of Mass Instruction - Colossal

As for `Weapons of Mass Instruction: Memetic Engineering and Directed Biocultural Evolution (or the meme – the unit of culture as the holon/parton)’ – if it’s of interest, for more background on the research presented in the 40-min PPT (linked above), please see: