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Hooked: By the Billionaire (WET Book 1)

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Karmen was expecting Lukas home and she was still dressed in her working outfits… All she changed was the stockings and she put on a black belt… After last session in the hot tub Lukas knew that the look in Karmen’s eyes will mean that she want it again… So She invited her to watch how did he redone the bathroom’s design (of course that was a lie) but an effective one, cos he got Karmen to get him a in the bath while she was fully dressed and he get his cum on the sexy red dress at Wet Look Sex.

George is taking a relaxing bath after work and after 30 minutes he is missing from the living room Gloria come and check on him… which is exactly he expected cos the last bathtub sex was indeed something special and of course he wanted to repeat that. Well as you can guess Gloria ended up fully clothed in the bath tub and she give George the greatest blowjob of his life at Wet Look Sex.