• She gets what she wants #Madzilla
  • I can’t resist. “That’s what she said”
  • You know… “That’s what she said”… LOL
  • Music video by David Nail performing Whatever She's Got.

What She Knew: A Novel


This is the cover art for Give The Lady What She Wants by the artist Lena Horne. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, RCA-Victor Records, or the graphic artist(s).

Angel Wicky gets exactly what she bargains for when she comes onto the two guys sharing the sauna with her today. This Czech temptress sizzles in her blue bikini as she flirts with her 34D bells, quickly extracting the tools of Thomas Stone and Choky Ice from under their towels even as she gets both guys glomming on her gazongas with their hungry lips. She does a strip show in front of them (and US!) and soon she’s got Thom’s log between her cleavage even as Choky chows down on her clam. Watch this busty pornstar give them a wondrous buffet of big breast sex! She gobbles gristle like a wild dream, sucking Choky even as she rides Thom’s upthrust...


People don't crack "that's what she said" jokes around here.

We love the fact that this was obviously a "home video". One thing we would've done differently would've been to make sure the young lady "really" got what she wanted. She deserved (at least) one good orgasm for all her efforts....