• Why Most Websites Fail
  • So there you have it, several reasons why websites fail and some explanation as to why and what to do about it.
  • Why Do Websites Fail?
  • I think one big reason why websites fail is because the initial excitement of the project wears off.

Why 99% Of Websites Fail To Engage Customers...: And How To Be In The Top 1%

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I’m not quite sure why most websites fail. We’re new in the online business sphere and all of the comments the readers have posted are great. I think it might be a combination of lack of great content, not realizing the amount of work that will need to go into developing the business, and a lack of planning and vision. If anyone feels so inclined, please visit our website and tell us what you think. It’s hard to get good advice and we would really appreciate a few comments about the look and feel of our site from knowledgeable people like you.

The quick answer is just because. It is impossible to tell how a web page is going to do, if it were easy we’d all be billionaires right? If you make 100 websites you may have one that’s a hit, then again you might not. You can make the best website in the world and if no one needs or wants to use it then it will fail. Here are a few reasons why websites fail.


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No matter what your marketing goals are, it goes without saying that having your own 'well designed' website is wise. Any professional without a website that is significant might as well be invisible. Obviously, you don't want to place just any mundane domain on the Internet. There are websites with too much text, missing elements, too little visuals, no vital samples, and the like. Unfortunately, there are some sites that may follow every rule in the book and still fail to enhance the career of the individual. Here are six reasons why most websites fail: