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Wolf Children (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)


So animation wise this film is brilliant. It was developed to have the lightest of tones when it was just right. If you don’t want to watch this movie I implore you that there is one scene you have to watch, and it is the snow scene. The way the wolf children and their mother run through the snow and jump in piles is so beautiful and is only made better by the soundtrack. Also the characters could be more individualized but they weren’t terrible to the pint of disliking the movie, there are very clear ways of how to figure out which character is which. And that how subtle and beautiful this is because it doesn’t rely on the design of a character, they want you to know the character because of the story and what they’re going through. The animation of the wolves was also well done, not in the same sense as Wolf’s Rain, but in its own lighter style that was soothing comparatively to the big subjects it was dealing with. We also were given a beautiful array of nature that seem right out of a painting to give you that raw and artistic feel that is the forest or the countryside. If I could rate this film on just the animation style it would get a ten and I would have no regrets.

The Second World War ended in May 1945 - but not for the German "Wolfskinder," or "wolf children." On their own, they made their way from East Prussia to Lithuania, a decision they'll never forget.


12- Saddest anime scene: When Ame and Yuki left home in Wolf Children

Don’t let the fact that this is an animated feature keep you from watching. In the same spirit of , Wolf Children blends humour, powerful emotion, and an almost fairy tale-style story to create a wonderful film for the entire family. The animation is stunning, blending almost realistic looking backgrounds with very simple and loose character drawings. This works well for the children, especially for Yuki, being an extremely energetic little girl. Watching her as a young girl is quite funny, turning from girl to wolf at some inappropriate moments that will leave the audience laughing.