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Lone Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond, Book 1)


Young Faolan's destiny has arrived. He's been a marked wolf since birth, with a strange, splayed paw and an uncanny connection to the bears. There's something about Faolan that inspires certain wolves . . . and leaves others deeply suspicious. Now, with survival at stake, the remaining wolves must make a choice. Will they trust the silver outsider to lead them to safety? Or will the wolves of the Beyond disappear forever?

For Faolan, a young wolf raised by a grizzly bear mother, the threat of war starts a terrible race. Some where in the honorable wolf clan lies a traitor, and Faolan must stop him and rescue the cub before it's too late. If he fails, Faolan will lose everything, and the Wolves of the Beyond will be destroyed forever.


Wolves of the Beyond / Book Series by Kathryn Lasky

Often authors insert details into their stories that suggest or point to events that will happen later on. This is called foreshadowing. Sometimes after the event has happened, it occurs to us that it had been foreshadowed in an earlier part of the book. In the case of Wolves of the Beyond, the foreshadowed event can also appear in a subsequent book. Your students should look for other instances of foreshadowing and write down what they think the foreshadowing suggests. Encourage students to use this technique when they are writing their own stories.