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A 1974 Christmas pantomime featuring the Wombles - or rather actors in costumes similar to those used by Mike Batt for the Wombles band - was not well received by the audiences and was blown up into a scandal in the UK tabloids. The uproar coincided with the rise of the Wombles' "Wombling Merry Christmas" up the charts and caused sales of the single to slump. (The single still managed to achieve a No. 2 UK chart position.)

In 2013, Mike Batt and Elisabeth Beresford's two children consolidated the merchandising copyrights to the Wombles in a new company, Wombles Copyright Holdings, in which Batt became the principal shareholder with creative control held by Beresford's heirs. This included the purchase of the Wombles TV series from , who had acquired it with their purchase of , who had acquired it as part of the assets of Cinar following Cinar's production scandal, subsequent to Cinar's acquisition of . A new TV series, with CGI animation, is in production with Serious Lunch, along with a movie.



Though it is stated that Wombles live all around the world, Beresford's collection of stories, as well as the television series and the music, focus on a group living in in London, England, with the sole exception of . Some of the Womble customs described below might therefore be local to the Wimbledon community.