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Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life


Review by Michael:
Just finished reading your book, Women Who Think Too Much.
Structurally, I found the book spot on. That’s a compliment to both your writing and your editors. The reading flowed very smoothly.

Review by Michelle Marie
Wonderful book! I recommend Women Who Think Too Much, I am a woman who thinks too much. I love this author and her style of writing. I think she has so many wonderful insights and also I found myself laughing because I identify with this book so much. I know you will love it too!


lost in Oz… | Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

"Groundbreaking research . . . "Women Who Think Too Much" tells why overthinking occurs, why it hurts people, and how to stop." --"USA Today" Renowned psychologist Nolen-Hoeksema shows what causes so many women to be overthinkers and provides strategies that can be used to escape these negative thoughts, move to higher ground, and live more ...