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This word jumble solver can take up to 12 letters; simply type them in the box and press the "get words" button. The list of words should update automatically. The jumble solver routine allows you to enter ? or * as a wildcard character (blank tiles). Use those symbols if you're solving a puzzle with a couple of truly unknown letters. If you are trying to solve a multi-line letter jumble, enter all of the letters into the string the first time to get some inital word candidates. Once you solve for the first word, edit the letters out of your entry box and hit get words. You will then be shown what you can build from the remaining letters. The "Clear" button allows you to reset the entry box to the jumble solver's original settings.

The Daily Word Jumble Solver will unscramble letters and make words that can be used to figure out the daily jumble puzzle answer. The daily word jumble solver will use an anagrammer to find answers with two words, three words, or multiple words.


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This utility provides two functions to help you solve word puzzles: a word jumble solver, which takes a group of letters as input and returns a list of words composed of those letters, and a word matcher, which takes a word template with the letters only partially specified and returns a list of words that match. Word templates are words with the known letters in their proper positions, but with underscores ('_') taking the place of the unknown letters in their respective positions. (For example, the word template "s_ork" matches the words "spork" and "stork".)