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But does aikido really work in a street fight? On the basis of the basic foundations and ideas I would say yes. After a couple of years of training I would have had better chance of survival in a real street attack than I had before my studies. Simply moving out of the way would be one of the core principles and even before that having an awareness of your surroundings. Awareness is of course key in any self defense. The best defense is avoiding conflict in the first place.

First, walk before you run. Make sure you have high-speed access, don't have a love/hate relationship with your laptop, and your printer isn't about to run out of ink. A dedicated space and phone line is also high priority for your working area.


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Yet, schools are still assigning group work, and even moreso now that Project Based Learning is on the rise. With groupwork being an important hinge to making PBL work in our classrooms, what are you doing that ensures that the situation above isn’t happening in your classroom?