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A Survival Guide for Working With Bad Bosses: Dealing With Bullies, Idiots, Back-stabbers, And Other Managers from Hell


After studying Idiot Bosses for nearly two decades, I finally understand why females in certain species eat their young. The experience of working for an Idiot Boss is so universal and the feelings of frustration so widespread that the mere mention of this book title resonates throughout the human race. It does not resonate, however, with Idiot Bosses (code name: �I-Bosses�), not because they take exception to the name-calling and innuendo, I-Bosses just don�t get it�any of it.

I once failed miserably trying to market a seminar titled, �How to Manage People who are Smarter, More Talented, and Productive than You Are�. My mistake was advertising to Idiot Bosses that needed the seminar. If I had advertised to people who could anonymously enroll and send their Idiot Bosses, I�d be a multimillionaire. How to Work for an Idiot might not be a seminar to which bosses will eagerly send their employees, but as a book, the potential audience of highly motivated revenge seekers is huge and as ubiquitous as toilet paper.


Hardly Working: Too Many Seinfelds - Duration: 2:04.

How to Work for an Idiot. It's frustrating to work for an idiot. The job is much more difficult when the person managing you has half your IQ. Plus, it's hard not to resent this moron for capturing the rung above you on the corporate ladder. But you can still enjoy your job with an idiot boss. With the right attitude, perhaps you can even win a promotion and end up with a smarter supervisor.