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Plato: Complete Works


Although their popularity has fluctuated over the years, the works of Plato have never been without readers since the time they were written. Plato's thought is often compared with that of his most famous student, Aristotle, whose reputation during the Western so completely eclipsed that of Plato that the philosophers referred to Aristotle as "the Philosopher". However, in the , the study of Plato continued.

Especially for Plato's writings referring to Socrates, it is not always clear which ideas brought forward by Socrates (or his friends) actually belonged to Socrates and which of these may have been new additions or elaborations by Plato—this is known as the . Generally, the early works of Plato are considered to be close to the spirit of Socrates, whereas the later works—including and —are considered to be possibly products of Plato's elaborations.


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2. The Works of Plato, The Jowett Translation, with an introduction by Irwin Edman, Modern Library College Editions, paperback, 1956. great condition, slight yellowing with age.