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Between the World and Me


"When the Divine Being, however, willed to create the world, all the letters appeared before his presence in their reverse order. first ascended and. said: 'Lord of the Universe! let it please thee to create the world by me, as I am the final letter of the word (truth), which is graven on thy signet ring. Thou thyself art called , and therefore it will become thee, the great King, to begin and create the world by me.' Said the Holy One (blessed be He): 'Thou, oh, Teth, are indeed worthy, but I cannot create the world by thee; for thou art destined to be not only the characteristic emblem borne by faithful students of the law, from beginning to end, but also the associate of (death), of which thou art the final letter. Therefore the creation of the world cannot, must not, be through thee.'

"After had disappeared, ascended and said: 'I pray thee, Lord of the Universe, as bearing thy great name (almighty), to create the world by me, by the holy name that becometh thee only.' Said the Holy One: 'Thou art truly, oh, , worthy, pure and true; but letters that go to form lying


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