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World Executive [Enlarged and Laminated] (National Geographic Reference Map)


This large World Executive Wall Map is a politically colour-coded map of the world showing capitals, sea routes, major airports and time zones. The wall map also includes international date lines, ‘clocks’ indicating time zones as well as ports, rivers, seas and lakes. The longitude & latitude lines with the equator and tropics are also indicated. This map can also be used as an educational tool.

This World Political Executive Small Wall Map is at 1 : 40 000 000 scale. Content and coverage show international and state boundaries with bright colour fills for every country, rivers and lakes, international date line, equator and tropics, latitude and longitude markings, time zone clocks, shipping routes, map legend, north point and scale bar.


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Map uses: World Executive Wall Map Art is perfect for adding an exclusive feel to a boardroom or office. This world executive wall map art also adds a touch of luxury hung in the home, ideal for the more discerning customer.