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Weight Watchers: Simple Start For Weight Loss With 35 + Tasty Recipes: (Weight Watchers for Beginners, Weight Loss, Weight Watchers Guide, Weight ... Diet Plan With No Calorie Counting,)


I’m totally confused. I came across your website after signing up for WW Simple Start Plan. But, when I went to your Recipes…..whew…..they don’t go along with you’re WW introduction in your latest blog. Was this a before???? WW time?

I started on the WW Simple Start 3 weeks ago. I have been on and off WW for a number of years and at one point, reached my lifetime status. As most of you can relate to, the pound creep has me back on the program. I had always been a points plus tracker but thought I would try the Simple Start plan to "jump start" my system. Definitely makes you change your old habits in a good way. I have not felt hungry on this program at all and know I am eating more fruits and vegetables than I had in the past. I have lost 7 pounds total so far and have about 10 more to go. I love to snack so the biggest change for me was my change to only having 2 snacks a day. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. No more sitting down with a bag of chips watching TV at night. I find I spend more time preparing my food for the day which is a good thing. Love this program!


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