• Xanthe Elbrick
  • Xanthe Elbrick won the BBC New Talent Award for Drama in 2001.
  • Xanthe Elbrick is 5'8½" (1.74 m) tall.
  • Xanthe Elbrick has narrated two audio books,  by Cornelia Funke and  by Kathleen Woodiwiss.



It’s no wonder, then, that Steven (Victor Villar-Hauser), the owner of a thriving graffiti-cleaning service in London’s East End, goes all freaky on his wife, Debbie (Xanthe Elbrick), when she announces she’s pregnant.

Redgrave is on vocal rest in advance of that evening's show, but her absence allows a younger generation to turn a Times Square thoroughfare into their good-natured stomping ground. Arriving directly from that morning's Tony nominees' lunch is Xanthe Elbrick, 28, the London-born, American-educated actress who made the shortlist for her professional theatre debut in the New York production of Coram Boy. The play closed three days after the photoshoot at a loss of more than £3m, but Elbrick is in high spirits. 'I just hope for the best, whether here on Broadway or anywhere else,' says Elbrick, who knows that a Tony nomination represents a first-class ticket to further work.


Xanthe Elbrick Photo credit: (Mandatory): PNP/ WENN

" Having been a working actor for over two decades, I've had more than my share of headshot photo sessions. I can honestly say I've never had as enjoyable and fruitful a time as with Xanthe Elbrick. A truly talented photographer does more than capture or document, she educates; She somehow shows you just what it is about her subject that makes it remarkable. At the risk of sounding lofty, I came away from Xanthe not only having an absurd wealth of phenomenal pictures to choose from, but also a better understanding of my image and how to use it. I can't think of a higher accolade for a photographer than to say that, after working with Xanthe, I simply can't wait to share these pictures with the world. And the fact that she's also a genuinely awesome person means I'll be coming back for more as soon as I have an excuse."