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  • The world’s bestselling reference work is the Xinhua Zidian Chinese language dictionary, which has sold over 400 million copies worldwide.
  • Xinhua Zidian (11th. Ed)

Xinhua Dictionary, 11th Edition (Chinese Edition)


With increasing internationalization there are more borrowed words, Internet terms and fashionable expressions. The 11th edition of Xinhua Zidia n mentions "bai bai", an analogue to the English greeting "bye-bye".

Xinhua Zidian remains a best-seller in the book market because of its quality and low price. In the face of challenges from e-publications, publisher Commercial Press commented it has confidence in this "evergreen book" because it keeps pace with the times.


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Xinhua Zidian was originally compiled in 1953 by Xinhua Lexicon Society (now the Language Institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), with Wei Jiangong as its chief compiler.