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XPW Class-X Presents: XPW-TV the Complete Second Season


I'm going to say right off the bat: this DVD is garbage. For one hour, we get the storyline of Lizzy Borden's proverbial rise to the top of XPW, no doubt helped by the fact that she is Rob Black's sperm recepticle...I mean wife. The footage here contains very little wrestling, just clips from various appearances Borden made during XPW's run, most of which was included in other XPW DVD releases in context.

I honestly can't believe what I just read about XPW. In all honesty it was complete rip-off from ECW. ECW is what made the independents great because if a person saw ECW he or she could respect Paul Heyman, all of his talent and crew for bringing a product that was truly wonderful to watch. There is no other independent promotion that could ever match ECW. And I just want to make this clear above all else, I actually bought a couple of XPW DVDs, so I do know what I'm talking about as it deals with comparing ECW to XPW.


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