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Mighty Bright 40450 XtraFlex LED Book Light, Black


The Mighty Bright XtraFlex Super LED music light provides an effective light source for music stands or low-lit backstage situations. Its flexible gooseneck design lets you position it any way you want, while the XtraFlex Super LED puts out as much light from a single LED lamp as three regular LEDs. A special lens design distributes the light evenly, too. Its strong clip makes this light stay put, so it's there when you need it most. Three AAA batteries are included, and the lamp gives you up to 40 hours of life from them. Lightweight, bright, flexible, and affordable, the XtraFlex Super LED is an ideal lighting tool!

Give your eyes a break so you can focus on the music. The XtraFlex LED Music Stand Light is breathtakingly bright and also happens to be one of our lightest, most compact music lights. Affordably priced and travel-size, it’s ideal when you are on the move (and on a budget). With a bright white LED and long battery life, the budget-friendly XtraFlex is an incredible bargain. Clip it to any surface, use it freestanding, or carry it backstage in a pinch. You have full control over the gooseneck to illuminate music sheets, soundboards, and other surfaces. It may even help to shed light on ticket sales.


Xtraflex Led Booklight — Hildreth's Home Goods

The XtraFlex LED Music Light from Mighty Bright is an extremely flexible LED light for your music stand or low light situations backstage. It has a super LED which puts out as much light as 3 normal LEDs, and never needs to be replaced. The XtraFlex's special lens spreads the light evenly so you have no hot spots, and gives you extra page coverage when used for reading sheet music on a music stand. The adjustable goosenecks mean you can direct the light right where you need it. It has the ability to be used self standing or clipped on to any surface. Mighty Bright XtraFlex includes 3 "AAA" batteries which should last you up to 40 hours.