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  • Have you visited Dr. Yajko before?
  • Have you visited Dr. Yajko before?
  • The year was 1977 and Limoges offered Yajko a job as his secretary. She instantly made an impact.

The Elusive Dream: A Relentless Quest for Coal in Western Colorado

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Tony Yajko rehearses for an upcoming performance by Darkhorse Dramatists. The Binghamton playwright is artistic director of the collective that is dedicated to producing original plays.

Since then, the collective, with Yajko working as artistic director, has staged nearly 50 original plays at a variety of local venues, including Roberson Museum & Science Center, Phelps Mansion and Tri-Cities Opera’s Opera Center.


“We’re truly a nonprofit organization,” Yajko said with a laugh.

Tony Yajko, the group’s founder, introduces his newest drama titled “My Race.” It’s a play about a runner that faces some racial prejudices, only not in the setting we’re used to. The play shows a racially diametric version of our own, where white people are the minority.