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The Yellow Rose: The Complete Series (5 Discs)


This is Doris, the yellow soul! I totally didn’t draw it here but she has a small pistol that fits into a pocket in her skirt ;w;

Doris (15 yrs) was the first of the souls to fall into New Home, and was also the one who did the most damage. She genuinely believed that Monsters were evil, and that ended up being her downfall. After firing more than a few shots at the monsters inhabiting the ruins, and killing more than a few, she died by Toriel, whom she trusted the least of all. After death she learned how wrong she was and feels even more guilty than she had before about what she’d done.
Aside from that, Doris is somewhat stubborn, with a tendency to joke and tease maybe a bit too much. Occasionally she will go too far, but if she realizes it she’ll realize it and make up for it somehow. She’s a hell of a shot when it comes to firearms in general, and loves shooting at (inanimate)targets. Doris also snorts when she laughs.

A few years ago I received a mixtape at an event, as I often do. This particular mix CD found its way into my car CD player and didn't leave for years. Yes, years. It was my go-to groove whenever I needed something surefire to set it off. What CD was it that had me so enamored? Well, it was a High Yellow Soul mix by none other than dj harvey dent. That mix made me a true blue fan of his, and here we are coming full circle with dj harvey dent's latest Mixologists mix, High Yellow Soul: SoulBounce Edition. Like previous editions, this new mix blends R&B, soul, neo-soul, hip hop and everything in between into a head-nod worthy mix to vibe out to. Here you will find cuts by SoulBounce all-stars like Algebra Blessett, The Foreign Exchange, Eric Roberson, Bilal, Eric Lau and so much more. Press play on High Yellow Soul: SoulBounce Edition and if you haven't already fallen hard for dj harvey dent like we have, then this might just do the trick.


Undertale : Yellow Soul Minecraft Skin

What does the 2016 Kia Soul Solar Yellow look like and is yellow paint a popular choice among Soul buyers?Those are the most common question people ask us when it comes to Soul color options.It appears that is one of the most attractive production paint shades available on the Soul.Therefore, we have collected a pair high-quality pictures of the new Kia Soul in yellow shade and you can see them posted below. If yellow Kia Soul is not your choice, you can pick something else.Here are the available Soul color options: Clear White, Bright Silver, Titanium Gray, Newport Blue, Black, Inferno Red, Tofee Brown, Acid Green, Vanilla Shake and Electronic Green.The advertising campaign for the car goes under the monicker of “Totally Transformed,” although those changes may not be obvious to the naked eye.There have been mild changes made to the sheet metal, which includes a more muscular front end and a different “floating” lift gate panel.The profile of the redesigned Kia Soul remains pretty much as it was before.The powertrains are the same as those used last year, although they have been given a few minor tweaks to improve responsiveness as lower speeds.The hard plastics previously used in the interior were a sore point for many. Those have all been removed and replaced with soft touch materials.This improves the quality and makes for a more comfortable ride.There are a pair of engines to choose from in the Soul: a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that makes 130 horsepower (24 mpg city/30 mpg highway) and a 2.0-liter four rated at 160 hp (23/31).Hopefully