• Yotsuba&!, Vol. 13 by Yen Press…
  • So what happened? Well, 2011 came and went, with seemingly no 'winners' announced by Yen Press.
  • I think Yen Press really fudged up with the whole Twilight manga.
  • Yen Press' translation of , omnibus edition.

Yen Press' translation of , omnibus edition.

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God I wish I could be there in person for this, because I’ve never been to one before. Nor have I ever been to New York before for that matter, anyway I bet it would be super awesome!!! And I’m praying that Dusk Maiden of Amnesia would be one of the new titles from Yen Press on that day.

This year’s Yen Press Panel will be on Friday at 1:15 in room 1A14. Come find out about the latest and greatest new titles from Yen Press!


Yen press a shit.I’ll die of old age before they catch up.

Irregular at Magic High School is a light novel series that started in 2008. It takes place in a world where magic is recognized as a technology rather than the occult or lore. The story follows Tatsuya Shiba, an underachieving student, as he tries to navigate school life at the National Magic University First Affiliate High School where he is looked down upon by the higher performing students except for his sister Miyuki, who might more than sibling love for him. The series is still ongoing and the 16th volume will be published in Japan in May. There is also a 2014 anime series which was licensed by Aniplex America. Yen Press will release the first volume in October.