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Tatul Sonentz-Papazian, noted writer and poet, longtime community leader, friend of the Terzians, and Yervant Terzian’s colleague on the ARF Eastern U.S. Central Committee, in the wake of his passing, composed a moving poem, Rivers, about their friendship. The poem is reprinted in full below.

“Unger Yervant Terzian’s contribution to the steady development, over the years, of our community structures in the Eastern Region of the U.S. will always be remembered by those who shared with him the difficult struggles of our diasporan life. He was a tireless leader constantly in pursuit of excellence in the dynamic existence of the Armenian community on these shores. Devotion to the well-being of the community, to our aspirations and to our cause has always been the motivating force in his life,” said Garo Armenian of McLean, Virginia, a longtime leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation at the Eastern U.S. and international levels, and a friend of the Terzian family. “With his wife Helen at his side, Unger Yervant was at the center of every complicated community undertaking. He inspired confidence when things seemed beyond our reach and worked hard to make things happen. For many years, he was elected Chairman of the ARF Eastern Region Central Committee. It was during his tenure – and on his watch – that the ANCA came into being as the legitimate political voice of the community representing our nationwide grass-roots. While a sincere believer in national consensus, he also believed in the leading role that the ARF had to play in the pursuit of Hai Tahd and that, I think, will be his undying legacy.”


Solomonides and Yervant Terzian, a Cornell astronomy professor, ..

Even Solomonides and Yervant Terzian combined the Fermi Paradox, which says billions of Earth-like planets exist in our galaxy, with Copernicus' mediocrity principle, which postulates that the Earth's physical attributes aren't unique.