• Yinghang in Yingchuan
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  • Journalist Chen Lewei reportedly suffered hearing loss and a headache after being beaten by the man he identified as Wang Yinghang.
  • Composer Li Yinghang biography

One Day One Sentences: Lao Zi (Chinese Edition)

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According to the Nandu Daily, 28 people attended the dinner party on Wednesday and several of them were from the local public security department, including the head of public security bureau of the Dongshen branch Wang Yuanping and retired official named Wang Yinghang. Shenzhen police said on Monday that they have started investigating the incident and Wang Yuanping was under investigation.

"In China, if you are only rich, people will not respect you. You also need good manners, an outgoing personality and good morals," said Zhang Yinghang of Zhejiang University, a professor increasingly in demand on the lecture circuit. "This is what rich children in China lack."


Dr. Yinghong Wang, MD - Internist in Cleveland, OH

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