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The Craft of the Japanese Sword


Did you look at some of the great temples?
I went to Sengakuji, I went to The Imperial Palace, I did get the chance to go to Kyoto and go to Nijojo, which is Ieyasu Tokugawa's old residence in Kyoto and was the capital of Japan. I went everywhere. I watched a samurai sword being made by this guy named Yoshihara Yoshindo who is like the next in line to be the national treasure in sword-making.

To this day, Kuniie’s descendants continue to produce Japanese swords in the traditional manner. The exhibition displays examples of several generations of his family and their former apprentices. The current head of the Yoshihara school is Yoshihara Yoshindo who has recently been appointed an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Tokyo. The exhibition includes work by twelve award-winning swordsmiths, four of whom have been elevated to the rank of mukansa (above competition level) by the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan. The swords will be exhibited to emphasize their spiritual and artistic qualities and illustrate the different styles of workmanship and the expression of the individual artist.


Blade for a Short Sword (Wakizashi), Made in Koto-Bichu Style