And that's just what Yoshiko Jinzenji wants you to do:
  • Beautiful Yoshiko Jinzenji fabrics
  • Quilt Codifie - From the book "Simple Quilt" by Yoshiko Jinzenji. Image from Rossie on Flickr
  • Dogpatch - Inspired by Yoshiko Jinzenji's Quilting Line + Color - Flickr armchairquilter
  • abstract mini inspired by Yoshiko Jinzenji

Quilt Artistry: Inspired Designs from the East


From Yoshiko Jinzenji — Inspired by the traditional 9 patch motif, this quilt re-interprets the standard patchwork design. The interplay between the white spaces and the print fabrics creates a sense of...

Yoshiko Jinzenji began quilting after she came upon quilts made by Canadian Mennonites and was deeply moved by their resonant, sacred quality. The richly minimalist quilts she makes today are as powerful as those that originally inspired her. &quo...


from The Quilt World of Yoshiko Jinzenji

In September, I had a special visit with Yoshiko Jinzenji in her home up in the mountains outside Kyoto. We toured her gorgeous custom-built house and of course, went through dozens of her stunning quilts.