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You Kiss by th' Book: New Poems from Shakespeare's Line


Glimpses of good work will not cut it. Family Tree presents only a few truly solid moments among a pile of lackluster ideas. If they had it their way, this LP would have been the greatest homage to Uncle Tupelo, but You Kiss By The Book doesn’t play in the same ballpark.

You Kiss By The Book is Simon Dowling’s frequently rearranging musical act that has seen action from the states to Ireland, where Dowling resides in Dublin. Birthed in California, the group went through some changes when Simon flew back home as expected. Band members revolved and swapped out, and when necessary, Dowling would use the name as a solo moniker if unassisted. With more coming and going guest musicians and permanent players to the mix throughout the years, it almost seems fitting that this, YKBTB’s third album, be titled Family Tree. Their style of music can be safely classified as the always thriving alternative country genre.


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