• Youngstown Boys
  • ESPN "30 for 30" film on Maurice Clarett and Jim Tressel called "Youngstown Boys" to air on Dec. 14
  • also points out that fans of the series will be familiar with Youngstown Boys’ directors:
  • Youngstown Boys will air Saturday, Dec. 14, following the Heisman Trophy presentation.

ESPN Films 30 for 30: Youngstown Boys


Maurice Clarett was named USA Today High School All-American after running for 2,194 yards (9.6 yards a carry) and 30 touchdowns in 13 games. 30 for 30's "Youngstown Boys" premieres Dec. 14, 9 p.m. ET after the Heisman Trophy presentation on ESPN.

Both men fell short, but ultimately found purpose in their lives that could impact many other people in ways other than either of the aforementioned legacies. In the end, two Youngstown boys, known for their football prowess, could very well make their hometown proud for reasons that could never take place between the white lines of a football field.


30 For 30: Youngstown Boys - The A.V. Club

In December 2013, he was featured in "Youngstown Boys," an ESPN documentary which included extensive interviews with family, friends and associates.