• Yudon
  • Dorje Yudon Yuthok; Michael Harlin
  • Yuthok, Dorje Yudon; Harlin, Michael
  • Gedun Chopel. Introduced and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins with Dorje Yudon Yuthok

House Of The Turquoise Roof


Gyudon restaurants such as Sukiya and Yoshinoya are definitely my go-to place after a late night drinking sesh because it’s cheap (yay student life!!!) and open 24 hours.
I didn’t know it was this simple to make it at home though! It was so good and I love how the raw egg yolk blends everything together.
Thank you, Nami. I can’t express how much your blog has helped me to survive in Japan!

Hi Kassondra! Happy to hear you like Gyudon! Yes egg is option, and in Japan, raw egg is served on top (center) of beef, but here in the U.S., raw egg is not recommended to eat and you don’t see raw egg being served…at all… so I have to “cook” it. You can totally omit the egg.


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In today’s recipe, I suggest that you pour the beaten eggs in the pan right before serving so that they will be cooked. This is how my mom cooks her gyudon.