• Yukio Tani & Sadukazu Uyenishi
  • Yukio Tani is an actor, known for  (1913) and  (1912).
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The Art of Ju-Jitsu

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Yukio Tani was cross ranked by Kano as a 2nd degree black belt in Judo when Kano visited the Budokwi in the early 1920's, many years after Tani made his reputation as a fighter in the music halls of England.

A large number of them claim that their lineages come from Yukio Tani, who was a famous judoka who travelled to the UK around the turn of the 20th century.


The Game of Jujitsu Yukio Tani & Gunji Koizumi 1906 - Scribd

E.W. Barton-Wright is also remembered as pioneering the promotion of mixed martial arts. He held contests, in which experts in different fighting styles compete under common rules. Barton-Wright’s champions, including Yukio Tani, Sadakazu Uyenishi and Swiss schwingen wrestler Armand Cherpillod enjoyed considerable success in these contests. Again way ahead of his times since it would be nearly 100 years later when these competitions would rise in popularity again.