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Conrad Campground is the latest addition to the Yukon Territorial Campground System. The spring of 2016 will be its first year being fully open to the public. We are looking forward to visiting this new facility in the summer of 2016 and will add photos at that time. For now, here is what we know about the new Conrad Campground.

If you are camping, driving a non-RV, and intending to drive the Top ofthe World Highway, then grab your tent, cross the ferry as afoot-passenger, and walk the 750 metres to the Yukon River TerritorialCampground (98 sites). Claim your site, set upyour tent, and return on foot across the river. Spend therest of the day exploring the numerous attractions of the Dawson Cityarea, have a nice meal in the town, and then take your car across after2100 hours, by which time the line-up will have dispersed. Drive to your campsite, unroll the sleeping bags, and you can figureout the rest.


Yukon opens first new campground in 30 years