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The Yummyfun Kooking Series:Episode 1 Spring Has Sprung

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Yummyfun friend, Lesley, made this Dr. Who cake for her son’s birthday this weekend. I MEAN COME ON! How great, right?! The swirling universe is so amazing I want to find a cake spacecraft to visit! Apparently the food dyes made the party goers have a goth look after cake time which I think was a plus! High Five, Lesley! Happy Birthday, Akiva!

Yummyfun friend, Sophie Carbonell, will help you with your Halloween costume this year. THANK GOODNESS!!! Go to her extra special pop up shop in Los Angeles this weekend and beyond for a fantastic selection of vintage and one of a kind costumes! Be the bell of the Pumpkin Ball this year! Win the costume contest! This most glorious of holidays comes but once a year so make it orange and black and splashy!!


Yummyfun Kooking presents "How to Make Candy Bugs!"

My parents took us to Crechale's for VERY special occasions when I was small. 30 years later, this is still our first choice. My kids expect it for birthdays and I expect it for anniversary dinner every year! And any other date night! Bob Crechale is a fantastic host and makes you feel genuinely welcome. He employs a staff that takes serving you seriously, because he will not settle for less. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere is warm and lively and fun. Tshirt and Blue jeans or a ball gown, anyone fits in! Yummy!