• by Marilyn Yurdan
  • In the book’s final chapter, Us and Them, it comes as no surprise to find which side of the ongoing grammar school debate Mrs Yurdan stands.
  • After tackling so many books about people and places in Oxfordshire, Mrs Yurdan initially planned on writing her most personal book.
  • Herhangi bir stratejik planın, projenin içinde değildi. Hiçbir küresel yalanın… İnsanlığın yanındaydı şehit Selami Yurdan, vicdanın…Muaz Ergü yazdı..

The Oxford Book of Days


A glance at the cover of Marilyn Yurdan’s new book, School Songs and Gymslips, brings to mind a certain riotous school for young ladies. But don’t let the title and sketches of tearaway hockey players and blondes struggling with exam papers fool you.

Mrs Yurdan decided back in 1984 to start to write about her old school, which closed in 1971, when it merged with the Shotover School in Wheatley to form the new comprehensive school of Wheatley Park.


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