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Desert Wisdom: Sayings from the Desert Fathers


Japan’s TRIO president, Yushi Nomura, faces an immense challenge to spur organ donation in his country - an extreme irony given that Japan has contributed much to transplant science. A past recipient of TRIO’s Lifetime Achievement Award, he attended the recent TRIO Board meeting in Philadelphia, bringing along a videographer. The resulting video will be featured in the Japan chapter’s 25th anniversary celebration, which happens next year. To see his recent presentation, go to TRIO’s Transplant Presentation Library on YouTube, and find Presentation #74.

Henri Nouwen with Mary Carney, Yushi Nomura and Bill Van Buren. Mary and Yushi were good friends of Henri's and attended some of his classes at Yale Divinity School. Henri and Bill met at L'Arche Daybreak and often traveled together, giving talks.


The seminar will be lead by Yushi Nomura, ..

"As he was dying, Abba Benjamin taught his sons this: Do this, and you'll be saved: Rejoice always, pray constantly, and in all circumstances give thanks". Each Christian who seeks God through prayer is continuing a tradition that began with the desert fathers and mothers of the fourth and fifth century -- simple peasants whose spiritual progress was marked by inner peace, self-control, poverty, patience, humility, and hospitality. Desert Wisdom contains some hundred "sayings" of the desert fathers, each accompanied by playful illustrations by Japanese artist Yushi Nomura. Bridging East and West, the simple truths of Desert Wisdom remain as fresh and vital to Christians today as they were to the disciples who first heard and recorded them.