• La cave Yves Girard Madoux
  • Pierre-Yves Girard- Le passage de la gamette
  • Jean-Yves Girard is an alumnus of the .
  • Logician Jean-Yves Girard, author of the seminal paper "Linear Logic."

The Blind Spot: Lectures on Logic


at Galerie D’Este displays a series of works from Chicoutimi-born artist Pierre-Yves Girard. These latest oil paintings reveal the artist’s love of and fascination with the material he uses to bring such images to life. In each painting, the abstract and the figurative exist congruently. Vernissage March 28, Galerie D’Este (1329 Greene Ave.), 5 p.m

Yves Girard, director of Montreal's snow removal services, said snow creates hazardous road conditions much earlier in the year, as shown by the dozens of centimetres of snow that fell on Montreal last week.


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