• Yvonne Randle, Eric G. Flamholtz, Howard Schultz
  • Yvonne Randle, Eric G. Flamholtz, Howard Schultz
  • Yvonne Randle, Eric G. Flamholtz, Howard Schultz
  • Yvonne Randle; Eric G. Flamholtz; Howard Schultz

Growing Pains: Building Sustainably Successful Organizations

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''Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle bring both rigor and relevance to a challenge that looms for every manager. Their ability to distil the essence of the available research, the capacity to present this in a lucid and digestible way, the use of insightful case studies, and an ability to connect with readers, makes this a must-read book. Following an empirically sound framework, they present an integrated approach to change for those who seek to lead rather than manage this difficult process. The choice and use of case studies enables the reader to leverage the connection between the framework and associated ideas with what is required in their role as a change leader. The underlying key to the power of this book is that change is easier to lead than to manage. I commend this book to you if you seek to be a better leader!''

Why do some companies continue to be successful while others experience difficulties and even failure? In Leading Strategic Change, Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle demonstrate that the key to long-term organizational success is the ability to adapt to and manage different types of change. Drawing on over 30 years'' consultancy experience within major firms, they combine theoretical and practical models of organizational change, together with a new theory of leadership, to build a framework for understanding, planning, and leading change. The scope and value of this framework is then shown in relation to nine real-world case studies, ranging from relatively small companies (IndyMac Bank, Infogix) to large multinationals (Starbucks, Westfield). The focus throughout is to provide practical guidance to those concerned with managing and leading change in organizations. This book is an excellent guide to the many lessons to be learned about successful organizational change.


Author: Eric Flamholtz; Yvonne Randle

Eric G. Flamholtz is Professor of Management at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. He is President, and Yvonne Randle is Vice President, of ManagementSystems Consulting Corporation, which has assisted organizations from entrepreneurships to Fortune 500 companies. They live in Los Angeles, California.