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Birds Build Nests


Looking for a fun -- not frightening -- way to introduce primary-grade students to the world of spiders? (Charlesbridge Publishing, 1998) offers a basic "field guide" to a wide variety of spiders. This spider guide's rhyming text (by Yvonne Winer) and realistic illustrations (by Karen Lloyd-Jones) is a decidedly un-creepy intro to the eight-legged creatures.

Author Biography: Yvonne Winer has written more than twenty childrens books including Spiders Spin Webs, which was an award-winning book in Australia. She lives in Queensland with a small menagerie of animals.


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3G is an exhibition celebrating the creative family tradition of three generations of women. Yvonne Winer is the elder at 79 years of age and is the mother of Kari Winer and grandmother of Bonnie Lester. Yvonne has fostered the creativity and artistic endeavours of Kari during her childhood and also of Bonnie during her early childhood and teenage years. They have spent many hours together painting and drawing.