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How to Bag a RINO: The Whiz Kids Who Brought Down House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (The Calamo Press) by Gray Delany (2015-10-19)

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Interview with Model/ Actor – Zachary Gray.
Matthew: What was your first ever modelling gig? What was it for? How did you feel?
Zachary: My very first taste of modeling was during my sophomore year of college. I was asked to be a model for a senior class project for Columbia College in Chicago. That same year I participated in my very first runway show for an Aids Awareness Benefit. I absolutely loved being photographed and being in “a work of art.” Trying to convey a message or a feeling to an audience through a picture was, and is, always a fun challenge to face and overcome. Being part of a runway show was exhilarating. The rush is intense and amazing. I cannot wait to do another runway show.

Both teams continued to play aggressive in the second quarter. Zach Gray got tied up with a Troy defender and went down with an ankle injury with four minutes remaining in the first half.


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Professional portrait photographer and educator Zach Gray discusses his go-to lighting setup for indoor portraits.

Zach modifies his main strobe with the 36" Rapid Box XL. The Rapid Box XL and XXL studio light modifiers setup instantly thanks to their umbrella-style framework.

As a fill light, Zach modifies his second strobe with a large 7' Parabolic shoot-through umbrella. This creates a broad, soft light spread.

Zach also uses two kicker lights modified with grids and gels to brighten and add warmth to his background.

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