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  • “We don’t want to have anything anyone else has,” said von Zangenberg.

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Julie Zangenberg sitting naked on the edge of a bed as she touches her breasts, giving us a close-up view. A guy then enters the room and we see more of Julie naked until he covers her up with a blanket. We then see Julie sitting naked in a bath tub as the guy sprays her with a detachable shower head. Hi-res DVD capture from .

The Knirps Taschenschirmes was invented in the twenties and started its success story. Zangenberg was a decicive part of this inventions and one of the licenceholder beside several other umbrella factories in germany.


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Miss Zangenberg is set to take Britain by storm with Heartless, a new TV-series which has been described as a 'sexy vampire thriller', where she plays teenage vampire Sofie