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Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device, White


Zap continued as a champ in the water and often left dolphins buzzing in his electrical wake. News of his swimming exploits soon reached the ears of , who immediately signed him up.

Zap and were called by Master Eon to assist Gill Grunt when the Gillman was about to get eaten by a rampaging Cloud Kraken that was attacking Deep Water Wasteland. Zap's electric bolt saved Gill Grunt from the clutches of the Cloud Kraken, who then turned its blind fury upon a pirate ship called the Fearsome Fang and its crew. The ship's captain, , mysteriously scared off the Cloud Kraken without having to do a thing, confusing Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell as the pirate crew praised their captain for his bravery.


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Director: Marie Daulne
Executive Producers: MTC Records, Zap Mama
Producer: Mandy Ward
Cinematographer: Jonathan Yi
First AC: Yoshi Teng
Gaffer: Ray Richards
Second AC/Loader: RJ Glass
Makeup Artist: Robin Narvaez
Stylist: Marie Daulne
Assistants: Stephanie Spiegel, Elizabeth Rogero
Editors: Rudd Lenaerts, Fred Di Bono
Management: Ian Zaider